Thurlow Family members together in a large field with a line of milk cows behind them.

Thurlow Family

Brittany Nickerson-Thurlow

Built in 2003, Nickerson Cattle Company in Zolfo Springs, FL is managed by Chris Nickerson, daughter Brittany Nickerson-Thurlow, and son Holden Nickerson. Brittany and Holden are the 5th generation to take on their family’s dairy farming legacy. Their farm is one of the largest rotational grazing dairies in the Southeast, milking all Holstein cattle in their herd.

On the Nickerson farm, they employ the “Keep It Simple” management style passed down from Chris’s dad Norman. Their cows help with the workload by harvesting their own forage in the pastures while spreading their own fertilizer. In addition to being involved in the cooperative (Brittany serves as 1st Vice-President on the officer team), the dairy is certified as Free Range 365 and has been featured in Progressive Dairy, Heartland Living, & Currents Magazine.

Nickerson family