Nickerson Family standing in front of a large farm tractor in grassy field.

Nickerson Family

Courtney Nickerson Campbell

Courtney is a fifth-generation dairy farmer and partner of Nickerson Bar III dairies in Hardee County. Across their 3 dairies, Courtney – along with her Dad and Brother Logan – milk over 2,000 cows in a rotational grazing management style. Ever since she was a kid, Courtney dreamt of being a dairy farmer.

The Nickerson family have a long & rich history of dairy farming, dating back to when her great-grandfather, Earl Nickerson, moved from New York to Central Florida in the 1950s. His son, Norman, and his wife, Phyllis, carried on the tradition when they started Wauchula Dairy in 1960, which still operates today.

The Nickerson Family children feeding baby calf with bottle of milk.