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Flowers Family

Brian and Morgan Flowers

Brian grew up on his family’s dairy farm and began his own operation in 1996. With the help of his wife Morgan, Brian turned his dreams into a reality by  providing the highest quality products by taking ownership of the entire process, from growing their own feed, to cow care and comfort, and offering a finished product on the farm. They work to enrich their community of Giles county, Tennessee by making the farm to table process visible and education those removed from agriculture. 

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Flowers Creamery

  • As a family owned farmstead cheese producer, Flowers Creamery is committed to producing a great tasting and nutritious product for their customers through superior land stewardship, animal husbandry and dedication to their employees. They strive to enrich their community and their customers by making the farm-to-table process visible and educating those removed from agriculture about where their food comes from and how it is made.