Milk Matters

Food Safety

Dairy farmers strive every day to produce wholesome milk and milk products that your family can feel good about eating. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulate U.S. milk production, and its guidelines are some of the strictest in the industrialized world. Farmers, processors and government agencies all work together to ensure the milk you drink is safe and of the highest quality. On average, it takes just 2 days for milk to go from the farm to the store shelf, waiting for families like yours!

Milk Carton
Milk Glass

Milk - Nature's Most Perfect Food Group

Milk contains 13 essential nutrients like high quality protein, calcium, vitamin D, and more! These nutrients help our bodies run more efficiently! Protein helps build & repair muscle tissue. Calcium & vitamin D help build & maintain strong bones & teeth. Protein, zinc, selenium and vitamins A and D help support a healthy immune system.

Cow Comfort

  • Water – Farms use misters, sprinklers, and cooling ponds to keep their cows cool during the hot summers of the south.
  • Fans – Farms use fans in their barns to keep cows happy and comfortable. Even in the middle of summer, barns with fans can keep temperatures very mild.
  • FARM Program – Southeast Milk, Inc. separates itself from its competitors by adopting an advanced commitment to animal care under the National Milk Producers Federation’s Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (F.A.R.M.) program. While standard protocol requires companies to adopt the program within 3 years, Southeast Milk will have all farms compliant with the latest version in under 9 months.
Dairy Cow