Two men walking through a field with dairy cows.

Our Story

As a farmer-owned dairy cooperative, Southeast Milk, Inc.'s primary focus is on Our Farms, Our Communities, and Our Consumers.

We support our family-owned farms so they may focus on feeding a growing population with fresh, real, wholesome, nutritious, and delicious milk & dairy products from healthy & comfortable cows.

Our sustainable farming practices not only strengthen & enrich our local communities, they preserve our natural resources and farming legacies for generations to come.

Dairy famer with four children in front of a tractor in a field.

Who We Are

Southeast Milk, Inc. is a full service dairy cooperative operating across 6 states in the southeastern US. We currently offer milk marketing, ag supply, transportation & logistics, and milk processing solutions for our membership. Owned by over 120 family-run dairy farms, Southeast Milk markets over 1.6 billion lbs. of milk annually, including both conventional & organic milk.

  • PAST - We have a rich history in the Southeastern US dairy industry. Tradition isn’t just a buzz word for us – it’s a big part of who we are.
  • PRESENT - Our members continue finding innovative solutions to optimize efficiencies & farm profitability.
  • FUTURE - Our goal is to continue exploring new partnerships & products that will allow our members to pass on their farming legacies for generations.

Our Values


Communication is critical to an organization’s success, and that starts with transparency.


Our word means something to us. If we say we will do something, we follow through.


Quality is king – whether that be our milk, our service, or our attitude.


Farmers are stewards of the land & feeders of the world. It’s a role we don’t take lightly.